Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Mathematics Awareness Month

The theme for this year's Mathematics Awareness Month is "Mathematics and Climate."

> Gain a deeper understanding of the math underlying food webs and ecosystems with "Connecting with Networks"
<>, Unit 11 of Mathematics Illuminated -- new in 2008.

> The interactive labs that accompany our series The Habitable Planet <> use the power of mathematics to model factors affecting the environment; go to Carbon Lab to look at how climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions may change over time.

> Our interactives <> offer enjoyable learning activities for exploring mathematics. Weather includes information on the mathematics behind weather forecasts, while our Math interactives -- Geometry 3D Shapes, Math in Daily Life, Metric Conversions, Statistics -- explore the math behind everyday phenomena, introduce terminology and concepts, and assess student knowledge.

> Our five Learning Math courses <> for elementary and middle school teachers include links to Video on Demand, interactive illustrations and activities, and problems for reviewing the material. Topics include Geometry; Measurement; Number and Operations; Patterns, Functions, and Algebra; and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.> Our Teaching Math courses <>, available only online, offer professional development for K-12 teachers. Course materials and activities include examples of student work, analysis of student-teacher dialogues, video clips of teachers in classrooms, a reflection journal, math problems and solutions, and interactives.

> Our Teaching Math video libraries offer classroom footage to demonstrate effective teaching practices at the K-4
<>, 5-8 <>, and 9-12 <> grade levels.

> The program Surprises in Mind <> documents a 12-year study tracking the development of mathematical skills in students participating in a special math curriculum. The program demonstrates how we can tap into children's innate mathematical ability and make learning math fun. Private Universe Project in Mathematics <> expands on these ideas in a full-length series.

Autism Awareness Month

> The Brain: Teaching Modules <> Video 29, "Autism," features Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University. Dr. Grandin, severely autistic as a child, explains how she was able to overcome her autism and eventually benefit from her special way of perceiving the world.
> "Behavior Disorders of Childhood," Program 11 of The World of Abnormal Psychology <>, presents an overview of autism in children, showing the range of symptoms in milder and more severe forms of the disorder.
> Ethics in America II, Program 5, "A Better Brain: The Ethics of Neuro-enhancement" <>, uses a hypothetical case to raise broader ethical issues related to the concepts of "merit," "need," "disability," and the proper role of medicine.

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DreamBox Learning is celebrating Math Awareness Month with the kids. We have created a fun calendar of math activities for the month of April with this years theme in mind. Here is the URL for the calendar Feel free to spread it around to any teachers, parents, or future mathematicians that want to celebrate too.