Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Difficult Parents - best seller in Amazon

2006 by Cottonwood Press, Inc., U.S.A.
Problem Parents:
  • Pinocchio's Mom -- who believes that her child, unlike every other child in the universe, never ever tells a lie of any kind.
  • Caped Crusader -- believes his ideas or principles should be embraced by everyone.
  • Ms. "Quit Picking on My Kid" -- even when the parent admits that her child's behavior was unacceptable, she will argue that everyone else's was, too.
  • The Intimidator -- who wants what he wants, and he wants it now.
  • The Stealth Zapper -- she may appear innocent, but her words and actions can sting.
  • The Uncivil Libertarian -- fights for what he insists is his child inalienable right to any or all of these: passionate embraces, obscene messages on shirts, the F word on its many forms, hazing, bullying, fighting, and visible underwear. (Most teachers and administrators think not.)
  • No Show's Dad -- one kind of parent seems to think that attendance isn't mandatory, but optional.
  • Helicopter Mom -- who hovers constantly, ready to whisk away any problem or inconvenience that might befall her child.
  • The Competitor -- every encounter with the teacher is a contest, like a World Federation Wrestler.

Left to right: Sarah Stimely, Cheryl Thurston, Samantha Prust, Anne Marie Martinez, Heather Madigan, Mary Gutting (front center). Not pictured: Rochelle Dorsey.

The staff holds copies of How to Handle Difficult Parents, a book we published that received a great review in John Rosemond's column syndicated in 225 newspapers across the country. Our national distributor, Independent Publishers Group, immediately sold out of its stock as people started ordering from bookstores. For several days, the book was in the top 50 on Amazon.com, reaching as high as #31 in sales. Our congratulations to author Suzanne Capek Tingley for writing a book that has enjoyed such success.

Practical advice for teachers, presented with a sense of humor. The stress of dealing with difficult parents remains one of the top reasons teachers cite for leaving the ranks, according to the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy. How to Handle Difficult Parents helps teachers learn how to cope more effectively.

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Rochelle said...

Not only is this book a fun read but I can't think of any teacher that wouldn't find this book valuable. A must-have for any teacher.

I find tons of good teacher resources at www.cottonwoodpress.com