Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discover the Power of Visual Learning

Learning to think. Learning to learn. These are the essential skills for student success. Research in both educational theory and cognitive psychology tells us that visual learning is among the very best methods for teaching students of all ages how to think and how to learn.

What is visual learning?

Visual learning is a proven method in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and represented graphically. Webs, concept maps, idea maps and plots, such as stack plots and Venn plots, are some of the techniques used in visual learning to enhance thinking and learning skills.

Our award-winning software tools, Inspiration®, Kidspiration® and InspireData™, the latest addition to the Inspiration Software® family, are based on proven visual learning methodologies that help students think, learn and achieve success.

With Inspiration and Kidspiration, students create diagrams and outlines as they brainstorm ideas, organise information, gather research, make visual associations and identify connections.

With InspireData, students build data literacy as they collect and explore information in a dynamic inquiry process, using integrated tables and plots to visually investigate, manipulate and analyse data.

Learn more about the power of visual learning and see examples of visual learning techniques developed in Inspiration, InspireData and Kidspiration.

With the powerful combination of visual learning and technology, students learn to clarify thoughts, organise and analyse information, integrate new knowledge and think critically.

Visual learning techniques help students:

Clarify thoughts

Students see how ideas are connected and realize how information can be grouped and organised. With visual learning, new concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood when they are linked to existing knowledge.

Organise and analyse information

Students can use diagrams and plots to display large amounts of information in ways that are easy to understand and help reveal relationships and patterns.

Integrate new knowledge

According to research, students better remember information when it's represented and learned both visually and verbally. Updating diagrams and mind maps throughout a lesson prompts students to build upon prior knowledge and internalise new information.

Think critically

Linked verbal and visual information helps students make connections, understand relationships and recall related details.

The leader in visual thinking and learning

For more than 25 years, Inspiration Software® has been developing award-winning visual learning tools to help people think and learn. The company's software is used extensively in schools and educational institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., Inspiration Software's team is continually working together to create software that meets educational goals around the world.

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